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Exploring the Intersections of Sexual Minority and Jewish Identities

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Holding both a transgender and a Jewish identity can come with a plethora of stigma and challenges. The current review of literature yielded no empirical studies that examine the experiences of individuals who identify as transgender women and Jewish. Holding multiple minority statuses can compound minority stress in a multitude of ways, often times affecting the mental health of the individual. Individuals who identify as transgender are not only holding the status of their gender, but rather hold gender as one of the many statuses they hold. Without research to draw from, many clinicians may feel at a loss when trying to work with a client who identifies as transgender and Jewish. Participants will take part in qualitative, semi-structured interviews, will be over 18 in age, have been assigned male at birth, identify as transgender, live full-time as a woman, and identify as Jewish.

  • Poster presentation at the 2014 American Pscyhological Association Convention in Washington, D.C. through Division 44.


Full text coming soon.

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